Consulting, Training, and School Transformation

MakeKnowledge builds ecosystems of opportunity.  We help those in and around schools to build transformations and relationships that are sustainable and generative. Rather than just dropping in a new strategy or curriculum, our work operates at the intersection of vision, strategy, imagination, and school culture.  

STEM++ Transformations

Drawing on our STEM++ work, we can work with your school or district to transform the way you think about STEM and its relationship to other parts of the curriculum and student experience. Your school or district will learn how to help all students succeed along STEM pathways, and discover ways to remove the particular obstacles that sideline underrepresented students. At the same time that you are improving the “WHO” of STEM, we will help you improve the “HOW” and “WHY” of STEM.  Among many other benefits, your school or district will see that innovation and equity can both be strengths of your program. 

Past Projects

Some of the big, strategic projects we have helped schools with include:

  • Leading faculty in a multi-year effort to define and understand how 21st century skills matter, and how the school will design its practice, assessment, and professional development around it
  • Developing IT systems development to support deeper learning in the classroom, professional creativity and knowledge building, and administrative flexibility and impact
  • Designing, implementing, and supporting a middle-school 1:1 computing program
  • Redesigning parent-facing student academic reports to center 21st century skills and competencies
  • Planning and launching innovative school maker spaces
  • Helping a school take a fresh look at STEM learning and opportunities in the light of new opportunities, curricula, and collaborations, with a strong focus on equity
  • Launching student-led climate action projects that re-center schools as engines of opportunity and innovation in their communities
  • Planning large mission-aligned conferences and gatherings

Other MakeKnowledge Staff Expertise and Experience:

  • Serving on the early planning team for the Bay School (SF)
  • Founding of the University City charter school project (folded into the Penn Alexander School project)
  • Leading visioning workshops for school administration, staff, and trustees that led to the new STEM building at Black Pine Circle School
  • Developing multiple Career Technical Education pathways in technology (IT, Computer Science, Design Engineering)
  • Creating and nurturing corporate/ school partnerships
  • Writing and managing grants (local, state, and federal grant making entities)
  • Teaching design thinking to students (in the US and Cambodia); to teachers across the US, and to C-level executives from Korea

Past Professional Development Engagements:

  • Many individual K-12 schools across the US
  • The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University
  • Ashoka
  • Bay Area Teacher Training Institute
  • California Teacher Development Collaborative
  • Green Schoolyards America
  • Philadelphia Children’s Festival / Annenberg Center
  • Stanford Graduate School of Education STEP Program
  • Wagner Free Institute of Science