Mark understands that every organization is unique, and the first job of a good consultant is to get to know the culture and values of the organization they are working with. In working with MakeKnowledge, Black Pine Circle School was able to bring to life a collective vision for a once-in-a-generation capital campaign. Mark believes in the drawing out of ideas, and stimulating—maybe even pushing people—to think creatively, while listening to all constituents. Our Board, our parents, our administrative team, and our students were truly thrilled in our partnership with Mark and MakeKnowledge.

John Carlstroem, Head of School, Black Pine Circle School (Berkeley, California)

Mark is perpetually pushing the boundaries of what education can and should be. He inspires us to imagine education that is more inclusive and relevant, and where learning means being engaged in positive change.

Innofaith.org (Washington, DC)

Mark has a rare cluster of skills to help schools and districts strategize so many important but often (seemingly) disjointed dimensions of the business of schools. Having been an educator for decades, and playing different leadership roles, Mark has a strong grasp on synergistic organizational relationships to mobilize public, charter, and independent schools, all with the ultimate goals of increased student learning.

Aki Murata, Ph.D., Visiting Scholar, The Freudenthal Institute (Netherlands)

It’s a pleasure to work with you [Mark]. You are extremely intelligent, thoughtful, compassionate, and visionary. You keep the mission of the school at the core of all you do, and have helped us to “move the dial” in our 21st century work in incredible ways.

Katherine Dinh, Former Head of School, Prospect Sierra (El Cerrito, California)