we build ecosystems of opportunity for schools, students, and teachers

MakeKnowledge is a nonprofit organization that works to create ecosystems of opportunity in education.


We have worked with schools and other non-profits on both the East and West Coasts;  with public, charter, and independent schools; in some of America’s wealthiest communities, some of its most disadvantaged, and many in between.

Our current projects include:

  • launching the STEM++ movement and gatherings/ creation spaces, to keep underrepresented students from being kicked off STEM pathways
  • School IT – transforming school technology to becoming an engine of innovation in the life and culture of K-12 school
  • creating models of K-12 maker spaces and programs that incorporate social emotional and STEM learning, design-thinking, and social entrepreneurship

“everyone needs, and will seek out, problem solvers with interdisciplinary skills … that it’s an advantage now, but it will soon be a requirement. All around us, we see organizations and communities that need to change.”

Matt Klein, Executive Director of the Blue Ridge Foundation, as quoted by Cheryl Heller http://www.aiga.org/the-studio-is-the-world/