we build ecosystems of opportunity for schools, students, and teachers

MakeKnowledge works with schools, teachers, and students to spur innovation and create ecosystems of opportunity.

We’re attracted to the challenging problems in education, eschewing easy answers in order to create sustainable solutions that enrich the communities we work with.

We have worked with schools and education non-profits on both the East and West Coasts;  with public, charter, and independent schools; in some of America’s wealthiest communities, some of its most disadvantaged, and many in between.

Our current projects include:

  • launching the STEM++ movement and gatherings/ creation spaces, to keep underrepresented students from being kicked off STEM pathways
  • transforming school IT to becoming an engine of innovation
  • creating models of K-8 maker spaces and programs that incorporate social emotional and STEM learning, design-thinking, and social entrepreneurship

“everyone needs, and will seek out, problem solvers with interdisciplinary skills … that it’s an advantage now, but it will soon be a requirement. All around us, we see organizations and communities that need to change.”

Matt Klein, Executive Director of the Blue Ridge Foundation, as quoted by Cheryl Heller http://www.aiga.org/the-studio-is-the-world/