MakeKnowledge is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that works to create ecosystems of opportunity in education.

How can you create ecosystems of opportunity in K-12 and K-20 education?

In the current popular imagination, the way to create change in education is to seek the “disruption” of “broken systems.” It is starting from scratch, with new schools (charter or micro, public or independent), new forms of schooling (online, corporate-owned), or just new administrators cleaning house and starting over. To be sure, there are many problems in K-12 education, and most of these have been well documented by scholars and practitioners.

Our view is that schools — being made of people, and made to serve people — are not ever perfect systems, but capable of learning and improving and innovating. Broken systems do not need disruption so much as fixing. And almost all schools are capable of building a culture of innovation to benefit all their constituents.

Our current work is largely in two rich areas for development. The STEM++ work explodes the prevailing myths about STEM by improving the WHO, HOW, and WHY of STEM and STEAM education.  Learn more at stemplusplus.org.  Our Global Climate Changemakers work shares some of the important DNA of our STEM++ work, namely that we will need everyone to be empowered as  STEM learners to create new interdisciplinary solutions for climate resilience. We also believe that schools can be engines of innovation in their communities, working with local and international partners in civil society to build opportunity and resilience.

Supporting the work

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