Katie Martucci (Board)

Katie Martucci is an aspiring leader in the STEM fields of biology and neuroscience. Founded in her deep admiration for biology and physiology, Katie believes that enjoyable education and careers in STEM should be accessible to all. She has been involved in outreach efforts and mentoring, sharing her love of science with others and bring the fascinating world of human physiology and neuroscience into K-12 classrooms through various programs. As of the Fall of 2018, Katie is an assistant professor at the Duke University Department of Anesthesiology. She conducts neuroscience clinical research focusing on individuals with chronic pain with the goal of improving understanding of the causes of chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia (a condition of widespread pain, fatigue, and cognitive symptoms). Katie received her PhD in neurobiology and anatomy from Wake Forest School of Medicine in North Carolina and her B.S. in physiology and neurobiology from the University of Connecticut.

Mark Basnage (Founder/Executive Director/Board)

Over the past 30 years, Mark Basnage’s education work has engaged him in some of America’s most disadvantaged communities and some of its wealthiest; on the East Coast and the West; in public, private, and charter schools, museums, and nonprofits. He has received fellowships from the Orion Society and The Fulbright Memorial Fund, and was among the first year recipients of Philadelphia’s Great Friends To Kids award. There are a number of recurring themes in Mark’s work, including technology, expertise development, knowledge creation, and innovation. After an undergraduate degree at the University of Pennsylvania, he attained his masters degree from Stanford in Learning, Technology, and Design, where he was an early and active part of Stanford’s community.

Soh Kim (Board)

Soh is an educator and a researcher of Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University. She is also the founder of FoodInno Institute, the community to bring together academic researchers, entrepreneurs, chefs, designers, and students to share perspectives of food innovation and to design the future of food.

Her model of the food innovation accelerates students’ understanding of food design by solving food challenges through collaborative efforts. She is currently expanding her education model to the level to help corporations and start-ups to innovate at Stanford University.

Aki Murata (Advisor)

Aki Murata, Ph.D. is an independent researcher, consultant, and coach who has served as a professor of education at Stanford University, the University of California Berkeley, and University of Florida, conducting research in the area of elementary mathematics education and teacher eduction.  She was a part of the planning committee for STEP (Stanford Teacher Education Program) – Elementary, served as faculty-director for DTE (Developmental Teacher Education) program (UC Berkeley), and served as a program director for Mathematics Education at University of Florida.  She has mentored and advised undergraduate and graduate students who are making differences in children’s lives at schools every day. 

Rick Yee (Advisor)

Rick Yee is the principal of Christa McAuliffe School, in Northern California (Cupertino Union School District).

Janet McGarvey (Advisor)

Janet McGarvey is the retired founding Executive Director of the California Teacher Development Collaborative.