Schools & Climate: Empowering Climate Changemakers

For decades, the science has been clear: climate change is real, and an existential threat. We know that climate change affects those least responsible for it most dramatically. We also see how it is making a score of other problems worse, including war, famine, and refugee crises.

Despite the scope and urgency of the climate crisis, many K-12 school leaders have not figured out how to respond appropriately. Even among the most resourced schools in areas where climate change is understood, school leaders point to small, isolated projects and programs: “We have a wonderful environmental science course students may take in high school.” Or “We put solar panels on our administrative building five years ago.” Or other good, but inadequate, responses.

MakeKnowledge’s climate schools project engages the entire school community in climate action and understanding, by making the remediation of the school’s own climate impact central to the work. Climate dashboards help the school understand the carbon impact of the school’s campus and transportation. The dashboards help schools and districts to make concrete, ambitious, and progressive, year-over-year improvements. These dashboards allow school leadership to take accountability for the impacts of their own organization, and for making continuous progress. They also open up new possibilities for collaborative, systemic action within and outside the school community. Teachers see their scope of agency vastly expanded in this work. As schools learn more about useful and inspiring climate innovations and opportunity outside their walls, they can help students imagine and build green career pathways.

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Climate Leaders Alliance

MakeKnowledge is thrilled to present a year-long professional development opportunity for school leaders, Climate Leaders Alliance, with the California Teacher Development Collaborative. Find out more details on the registration page, and get in touch with us if you have questions.